You Can't Go Wrong With Heavenly Heat
I've been enjoying a summer of local farmers markets: today I walked through my downtown Tacoma Broadway Market for lunch with my husband. We discovered Heavenly Heat Gourmet Hotsauces and their wonderful Fruit, Jalapeno, Habanero and Ghost Pepper Sauces.

We love it HOT so we picked up the PURE GHOST seasoning & rub, BLAZING INFERNO habanero Pepper Fire Sauce, PYRO-PEACH peach & habanero sauce, and JALAPENO VERDE sauce. I can't wait to get in the kitchen and on the grill with our new finds!

I will begin cooking soon and creating recipes for the new book so I'm excited to have the ghost pepper seasoning to add a dash to kick up the heat!
You may check out their products at HEAVENLY HEAT .org

J. Beaver

Heavenly Heat,
I got my first bottle of Blazing Inferno on the Fourth of July and emptied it on August 4th. An amazing product! Add 2 tablespoons to any bottle of pickles, I like Claussen Dills. In a week you have the best tasting spicy pickles you have ever tasted. My kids named them Pirate Pickles. Continue the great work.


D. Moody - This is the BEST tasting sauce I have had in a very long time! Even enhances flavors in food. Makes everything taste better. Heat lasts about 10 minutes. Than you are good to go. Thanks!
{re: Meet Your Maker}

Hi, I recently had a bottle of your Pure Ghost gifted to me and that is some of the best seasoning I've ever had. No where in town can I get something like this. Food is so bland and boring without spice, so thank you very much!
C. Ginn
Let me tell you, my mother bought this for me as a joke as i tried to grow ghost peppers and failed and love hot stuff! However I honestly use this for everything! I used up the first bottle last night and had to get some more. Pure ghost is a hit at my BBQs and in all my sauces ! Finally something that will spice up lame salsas and bags of chips that clam to be hot...
I simply live your products
Thanks again

J. Gribbon

I bought one of your hot sauces from the Freedom fair on ruston way (the tequila lime habanero), and its delicious! I wish I would have tried more of them.
Are you ever at any of the Tacoma farmers markets? I was wondering where I could find your booth again. I have a big hot sauce collection, and the 1 bottle of yours I have is already becoming one of my favorites!
David H

Got the package last night and I have to say a massive "THANKS!" for all of that stuff. WAY more than I ever expected.

The wife was super stoked about it. She doesn't even know where to start.

I broke into the Paina Colada and I must say it is one of the tastiest sauces I've ever had. Great on eggs!

And that Pure Ghost label turned out awesome, too. Hit me up when you've got another project.

Thanks again!
T. Bundy

This sauce is delicious!!! Wonderful, smooth and chocolatey .... and then up from behind comes a nice heat to let you know who your dealin' with! Great job on the product and a big THANK YOU!!!

J. Louis
Tacoma, WA

Got them today. Great service for a great product. Thanks

S. Murdoch

Suzanne Brian reviewed Heavenly Heat Gourmet Hot Sauces
5 star
· October 23, 2016
I have ALWAYS Loved Heavenly Heat product line of products I have a retail hot sauce store in Cave Creek, AZ
And my customers are alway's looking for great, unique and fabulous phot sauces andI alway's turn to Heavenly Heat. Joseph is soooo good to work with andI appreciate such great customer service ,
Thank you Joseph for Alway's making such wonderful products!!!!!

Andy Cote reviewed Heavenly Heat Gourmet Hot Sauces
5 star
November 26 2016 at

The 100% Ghost is so amazing. A lovely warm heat that lasts and lasts. No off flavors like other brands. SO GOOD!

Danny Cash reviewed Heavenly Heat Gourmet Hot Sauces
5 star
August 18 2016 ·

I've always been a fan of "Meet Your Maker" but now the 50 Caliber Heat is one of my favorite spicy things ever created.

Sue Wilson reviewed Heavenly Heat Gourmet Hot Sauces —
5 star
August 20 · 2016

Hawksauce is so good!! Excellent service. Very fast delivery time. Thanks so much.

Michael Skerlong
Just got some of you pure ghost sauce from double d meats. Its so good! Really hot, but still has lots of flavor. Can't wait to try others