Made with pure ground Red Savina Habanero peppers, this extreme heat seasoning salt will have even the most experienced chili-heads incryg tears of joy!

Combining intense heat with a flavor that's so good it is almost sinful, this is a product every true extreme heat lover must have.

Salt. paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, Red Savina Habanero pepper powder, spices
100% GHOST
This seasoning was developed with the ultimate heat seeker in mind. The hottest of our rub/salt line with a name that says it all 100% Ghost - it's purely:

 Ghost Pepper powder with sea salt, onion and garlic.
Our hot red pepper seasoning salt has a nice medium heat but explosive flavor that goes great on steaks, baked potatoes, corn on the cob, eggs, popcorn and much more.

Also makes a great rub for beer can chicken or ribs-so hold on to your taste buds and get shakin'!

Salt, paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, hot red pepper powder and spices

This seasoning has a wonderful smoky flavor that makes it deliciously versatile whether it's used on the chicken you are about to roast, or sprinkled on the vegetables you've just taken out of the steamer. We're sure you will love and use it as much as we do!

Sea salt, smoked paprika,dried onion, ground chipotle peppers, dried garlic, spices
4 oz $6.00
4 oz $6.00
4 oz $6.00
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