Southwest flavor combines with south of the border heat in this delicious, smooth and versatile sauce. It is delicious added to enchiladas and burritos or spicing up chili. Mixing with hamburger patties will make you the hit of the BBQ crowd.

Chipotle peppers, roasted roma tomatoes, caramelized Walla Walla onion, white wine vinegar, dark brown sugar, garlic and spices,

5 oz $6.00
Sweet and smokey with a scent that will intrigue you and a flavor that will amaze you. This is one of our most diverse and best selling sauces. The perfect blend of fresh red raspberries, chipotle peppers and ruby port wine give this sauce a wonderful flavor of sophistication, made for those with a refined palate. Makes a great finishing sauce for chicken, pork or salmon or try adding to softened cream cheese and serve with club crackers for a dip your party guests will rave about!

Red raspberries, white cane sugar, chipotle peppers, ruby port wine, raspberry vinegar, dark brown sugar, garlic, xanthan gum (a natural thickener)

5oz $6.00
Chocolate Chipotle has a mild, sweet heat with a delightful flavor that comes in large part from the delicious all natural dutch chocolate we have used. Combined with chipotle peppers, pure cane sugar and vanilla, who could have imagined it culminating into such an amazing taste-bud sensation? We're so glad we did!
The limits of this sauce reside in your imagination - think ice cream, cheesecake, crepes...keep going - you have the idea!

Dutch cocoa, white cane sugar, purified water, light corn syrup, chipotle peppers, vanilla, salt

5 oz $6.00
For the love of a team a sauce was born!
12% of the profits of the sale of each bottle is donated to Mary Bridge Children's Hospital.
Label artwork created by Isabelle Dorr, the very gifted artist of . Here you can read he story of the collaboration between H.H.G.H.S. and Isa, which brings this product to you!
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Aged Cayenne peppers, roasted red peppers, white wine vinegar, sea salt
5 oz $6.00

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